We all need a little motivation every now and again. How great is it when you can absorb your motivation through a film, while on the couch?

“People often say motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend daily.” Zig Ziglar

In order to help you stay motivated and grab life by the lemons, we sat down (with loads of popcorn) to find the best films for you. Now the next time you lack motivation to start a task or get things going, stop, get popcorn, get comfy in your favourite chair and watch a movie.

It might sound counterproductive, but we assure you these films will inspire you to do great things – just don’t watch them all in one go.

  1. Yes Man – Open yourself up to more opportunities and brilliant things can happen to you.
  2. The Words – This is your life, it’s your work; take what you have and make the best of it.
  3. In Pursuit of Happiness – Fight for your dreams and yourself, never allow your circumstances to get in the way.
  4. Food Matters – Need inspiration to eat better? Look no further.
  5. Into the Wild – You have the power to change your life.
  6. 500 Days of Summer – Things will always get better.
  7. About Time – Make the most of the time you have and enjoy every day as a gift.
  8. The Shawshank Redemption– Come what may, never lose hope.
  9. Pay It Forward – Even the smallest act of kindness can create greatness.
  10. A Beautiful Mind – You have the power and the focus you need within you to overcome your obstacles.

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