A luxurious, soft, feather bed that feels as if you are sleeping on a cloud. Room service at your every beck and call. A coffee nook with rusks that are replaced every day and of course, the pillow chocolate. Who doesn’t enjoy a deluxe hotel holiday?

But not all hotels are created equal, some put in extra effort to ensure that you enjoy a very unique experience when you pay them a visit. Here are ten of the weirdest hotels in the world.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort – Finland


This is one of the cleanest places and most secluded places on earth. The hotel is just north of the Arctic Circle, which means you if you are lucky, you’ll see the Northern Lights. You can choose between staying in a log cabin, a snow igloo or if you want to enjoy as much of the stars as possible, a glass igloo.

The Hotel Crypt – USA

Crypt _ USA

Do you love your ghost stories? Then you should add a visit to the Hotel Crypt to your bucket list. This was once the St. Patrick’s Church and today it’s a boutique hotel. The priest, Monsignor Thomas Wallace, who helped build the church died in 1907 and was buried in the church crypt – the hotel’s activity room. Although, his body now rests in the Mt Hope Cemetery, who can say where his soul is.

The Strawberry Roan Horsebox – UK


The owners of the Waypost Farm decided to turn one of their horseboxes into a stunning breakaway room. It’s parked in the secluded marshlands near Kent, and as an added treat the owners share their baked goods with the guests. The room features a king-size bed, a wood burner and a bathroom, in the pony trailer.

Treehotel – Sweden

Tree _ Sweden

Did you love spending time in your treehouse when you were younger? Now you can do so again. The Treehotel is made up of five unique rooms that are suspended in the trees of the untouched woods in Sweden. There is the Mirrorcube (made up of one-way mirrors), the UFO, the Bird’s Nest, the Blue Cone and the Cabin. Each room features a double bed, a small bathroom and living room.

Panda Inn – China

Panda _ China

Who doesn’t love pandas? At the Panda Inn, you can choose between 32 unique panda-themed rooms. There is a Titanic room, with Panda Jack and Panda Rose, and a Sailor Moon panda-room, to name but two of the diverse rooms you’ll find here. Even the staff members are dressed in panda suits.

V8 Hotel – Germany

V8 Hotel, Germany

Calling all car enthusiasts – here is a hotel for you. This aircraft hangar has been turned into Motorworld that features a car museum, showroom, dealership, garage and a hotel. Each room is uniquely styled with car-related decorations and most of the beds you’ll sleep in, are built into the bodies of vintage cars.

Marmara Antalya – Turkey

Maramara Antalya, Turkey

At first glance, this stunning 208-room hotel, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, Antalya City and the Taurus Mountains, looks like a normal luxury hotel. But then you notice it turning. That’s right; it’s a revolving hotel. At least, its 24-room loft does. The loft floats in a pool of 478 tonnes of water, and it has six electric motors that turn it several times during the day, ensuring guests get a 360-degree view.

Giraffe Manor – Kenya

Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Picture this: you are enjoying a scrumptious breakfast when suddenly a friendly giraffe pops his (or her) head through the window looking for a snack. This is what you can expect from the amazing Giraffe Manor. It’s a beautiful hotel that’s modelled after a Scottish hunting lodge and features six luxurious rooms.

Poseidon Undersea Resort – Fiji

Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

How would you enjoy living under the sea – for a bit anyhow? It only took 13 years to build, but it’s worth the trouble. Visit this hotel, and you’ll sleep, dine and bath underwater so you can experience the ocean to the fullest. Although, if this feels a bit much for you, the resort also offers beachside units and semi-submerged units.

Attrap’ Reves Hotel – France

Attrap’ Reves Hotel, France

Sleep in a bubble and experience the beauty of nature, while still being warm and cosy. If you’re worried about privacy, don’t be, each room has its own private bathroom and is completely sheltered by the trees. Best of all, these rooms are made entirely out of recycled materials and are environmentally friendly.

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