We all have a bad day at the office every so often, but when your bad days are out weighing the good days – you have a problem. Sometimes all you need is a holiday (which GetMore Go can help you with), then again sometimes it’s time for a change. We spend an average of 45 hours a week at work, which adds up to 2268 hours a year. This is too big a part of your life to spend unhappy.

Read our 10 signs that it’s time for you to find a new job.

1. You hate your boss

Sometimes you and your boss are just not clicking, but your boss go out of their way to make you miserable. If you don’t like your boss, they probably don’t like you either – move on.


2. You didn’t get promoted
promotion 3
Promises about moving you up or increasing your salary are made, but you’re still at the exact same place you were a year ago. You’ve had discussions with your manager, but nothing happens.


3. You binge

Although enjoying food and drink is fine, starting to binge eat, drink excessively or use drugs as a form to escape the daily trials of your job is not. When you overindulge as a form to escape, something needs to change.


4. You dread Mondays

The thought of going to work is filling you with dread. You can’t seem to get out of bed in the mornings and you hate Mondays so much, you can’t enjoy your weekend properly.


5. You’re being ignored

Even though you are delivering some of your best work or ideas, you’re not being valued or acknowledged, and you can’t get time with the ‘higher-ups’ – it’s time to move.


6. You underperform

You no longer care about what your output is. You stop trying to perform at a level you know you can reach and barely get through the day without watching YouTube or Facebook.


7. You never have money

Where is the money
The salary you get at the end of the month doesn’t cover all your expenses and there are no cuts left to make to your budget. First try to talk to your manager, but if they don’t want to give you an increase, cut your losses.


8. You hate your co-workers

If your dissatisfaction is causing tension on the floor, you can’t stand talking to the people you work with, or you’re constantly picking fights with your co-workers – you should move.


9. You’re always complaining

If just about every conversation you have is about how much you hate your job, your boss, or your co-workers. You should start looking for something that excites you.


10. You’re dreaming about working elsewhere

I wanna be a unicorn
If you see yourself working elsewhere when you complete a task, speak to a co-worker or your boss, your mind is possibly already made up and you should follow it.


If you can recognise any of these signs in your life, then you should contact GetMore Help today! We have over a 1000 recruiters nationwide looking for a candidate like you.

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