South Africans are famous for many things, some better than others, but one thing we should be proud of is our devotion to braaiing. Come rain, shine, wind, freezing or boiling weather – if there’s wood/charcoal, a beer and meat, we will braai. It’s in our nature.

So, how will you celebrate this Heritage Day, aka Braai Day? With a braai, of course! And how will you impress your fellow braaiers? With these recipes. We’ve searched high and low, all over the internet to find the best recipes and ideas on how to make your Braai Day extra special. Why, you ask? It’s just the GetMore way.

1. Veggie Delight

If you have vegetarians joining you for the braai, or want to offer a veggie option, you can’t go wrong with these amazing vegetarian braai kababs.

2. Pap & Sheba

No braai is complete without pap & sheba. Luckily for us, Renée Nesbitt shared her foolproof stywe pap with sheba recipe with Yuppiechef. Thanks, Renée!

3. The Ultimate Braai Broodjie

Espresso invited Neill Anthony, a private chef, on their morning show to share his take on a braai broodjie. We’ll give you a hint – you’re not adding enough cheese.

4. Boerie for Banters

If you want a healthier or a banting-friendly option at your braai, try this divine Food24 bunless boeries recipe.

5. Snoek with a Twist

In the mood for something a little fishy? We have just the thing, Sedgwick’s Snoek Sizzle. This is a delicious recipe, and it’s sure to sooth all your seaside longings.

6. A Royal Fillet

The South African Travel Channel visited the Royal Legend Safari Lodge in Timbavati where Braai Master, Lodrick, showed our international friends how to make the perfect beef fillet.

7. Jan Braai’s Chicken Tikka Masala

You can’t speak about Braai Day and not mention the Braai Master, Jan Braai. If you are craving white meat and something with a little kick, this chicken tikka masala is just what Dr Braai ordered.

8. Insanely Good Oxtail Potjie

Another fire favourite is the famous potjie, and Justine Bonello has all the tips you need to make an excellent stout and oxtail potjie.

9. Dessert Braai Pie

We’ve heard of the Braai Pie, now BraaiBoy is taking our taste buds on a sweet tour with this scrumptious dessert braai pie.

10. A Sweet Braai Treat

Siba, SA’s own Nigella Lawson, has some delicious recipes up her sleeves, but for Braai Day you want to try her pineapple and lime skewers.

Let us know how you’re celebrating Braai Day this year, and if you’re interested in more fantastic advice, subscribe to our blog and newsletter.

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