Regardless what happened in 2017, good or bad, it is now time to let it go and focus on how to make 2018 the best year yet. We know that it’s easier said than done, which is why we’ve put together a list of tips on how you can stick to your New Year’s resolutions and enjoy a booming year.

  1. Start slow

When deciding on something, we’re generally packed full of energy and gung ho about getting in a habit or starting a task. The problem is, when we start to lose enthusiasm or burn up energy, we stop investing the needed time in the project and eventually stop completely. But, if you start slowly and realistically, building up your resistance as you go along, you’ll be able to stick to your resolutions for longer.


  1. Check yo’self

Make your health an issue, both physical and mental, and start taking care of yourself. Go to the dentist for a check-up, see the optometrist and if you feel like you’re drowning, speak up. If you have pain that’s not going away, visit your doctor!


  1. Learn how to lose

You can’t win every fight. And, although you should fight for what you want, you should also know when to let go, accept defeat and move on. We’re not saying to throw in the towel when things get a little tough, just don’t lose yourself in the fight and negativity.


  1. Clean your closet – your life-closet

Take note of your relationships – friends, romantic and even work life – if they are constantly putting you down, or taking without giving anything in return, it’s time to move on. Life is too short for it to be filled with toxic relationships that make you unhappy. This also applies to the time you spend on your phone.


  1. Now, clean your actual closet

Go through your home and put aside everything you use and don’t use. (And, while you’re clearing it, you should also clean.) Now, sort the stuff you don’t use into sell, donate and throw away piles and do what’s needed – set them free. Remember to be strong, there might be sentimental value to certain things, but will you ever wear your matric farewell outfit again? Here’s our list of places to donate your old stuff. 


  1. Ask for help and say no

You cannot do it all. Even superheroes need help. When someone asks for help, give them an answer that’s manageable. Together you can find a solution that suits both of you. Also remember, when you’re struggling, there are people that can help you, so ask.


  1. Make lists

Put your goals down in step form. Break them down into days, weeks, months and years. This will give you a better view of how you progress while also making it easier for you to obtain your goals. You climb a mountain step-for-step and not in one giant leap.


  1. Be nice

Treat the people around you better and with respect. Not only will you feel better at the end of the day, but you’ll be making the world a better place. It doesn’t have to be a big thing; it can simply be telling the lady behind the till her nails are beautiful or asking the security guard how he’s doing.


  1. Money matters

Again, easier said than done, especially when everyone is living it up while you’re stuck at home on a Saturday night. Finding ways to be less frivolous with your money, is always good. Just think, in a few months of smart spending you can go on a 5-star holiday, pay off your debt or buy new tires for your car.


  1. Sleep

You might think that pulling an all-nighter is OK and that you can catch up on sleep, but you’d be wrong. It’s been found that if you don’t sleep enough, your brain starts to eat itself. Your brain goes into overdrive and clears away a significant amount of neurons and synaptic connections; this is damage which can’t necessarily be reversed.

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