It’s been said many times that truth is stranger than fiction. And today we have proof. We, here at GetMore GO, found 10 of the world’s weirdest tourist attractions. So, if you are in need of a holiday, why not visit one of these “exotic” sites?

1. Starry Bicycle Path, Netherlands  

Starry road   









Based on Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting, this bicycle path is quickly becoming one of the Netherlands’s biggest attractions. These stars glow in the dark, helping cyclists stay on the road. 

2. Market Theatre Gum Wall, USA











Named one of the germiest tourist attraction in 2009, this is literally a wall covered in gum – chewed gum. Unexpected Productions patrons would stick a coin and gum to the wall and after scraping the wall clean twice, management gave in and deemed the wall a tourist attraction.

3. Isla de las Munecas (Island of Dolls), Mexico

Island of dolls









Legend has it that many years ago a man found a little girl, who mysteriously drowned, and her doll face down in water. He, as a sign of respect for the girl, hung the doll in a tree. Since then thousands people from all over have come to the island to hang dolls in the trees. It is said that the dolls are possessed by the girl’s spirit.

4. Karni Mata Temple (The Rat Temple), India











The temple for Karni Mata houses about 20 000 black rats, known as holy rats. If one of the rats dies they are replaced with a solid silver replica. It’s also believed to be a high honour to eat something one of these rats have nibbled on.

5. Prada Marfa, USA

Prada Marfa










Alone in the middle of the Valentine desert stands a solitude Prada shop. It is complete with changing rooms and unworn items. Why you ask. This is an art instalment depicting the contrast of commercialism to obscurity with a bizarre serenity.

6. Old Operating Theatre, UK

Operating theatre








This 19th century operating theatre is located at the top of an old church and is the only one of its kind in England. Its purpose? To watch the surgical techniques of pre and post anaesthetics.

7. Fremont Troll, USA










This is one of Seattle’s biggest tourist attractions. It is a giant angry troll clutching a Volkswagen Beatle as if he just snatched the unsuspecting driver from the bridge above.

8. Postman’s Park, UK

Postman’s Park








In a small park in central London, ordinary everyday heroes and their extraordinary acts are celebrated. Over 50 plaques depicting the premature deaths of courageous souls who saved the lives of others.

9. Yunessun Spa Resort, Japan

wine spa








Ever wanted to bathe in wine? Now you can at the Yunessun Attraction Spa Resort. There you’ll also have the choice of dipping in green tea, coffee or sake.

10. Freetown Christiania, Denmark











A town free to rule itself, right in the middle of Copenhagen. Although the 850 odd residents forbid stealing, violence, guns, knives, hard drugs and cars, marijuana is freely available on their main street.

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Information taken from Wisdompills.



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