Is the best thing about your job the wheelie chairs? When you wake up hating your job five days in a row, are you happy because it’s finally Friday? Maybe it’s time you speak to our GetMore recruiters. But, just to make you feel better about what you do – here’s a list of the ten worst jobs in the world (in no specific order).

Snake milker

Before you can make anti-venom to combat the bites of venomous snakes, you need to collect their venom. This needs to be done by hand. These people have to collect the some of the most dangerous snakes in the world and milk them.

Odour judge

Before a deodorant brand hits the shelves, someone has to test that it masks the smell. These people literally smell test subjects’ armpits. But that’s not where it stops; you get odour testers who need to smell feet, bad breath, used kitty litter and even farts.

Portable toilet cleaner

Have you ever been to a music fest (we’re thinking Oppikoppi), a fair or an expo and seen what those portable toilets look like afterwards? We’ve made our case.

Buckingham Palace guard

It has been named the worst job in the British army. Firstly, their uniforms must be absolutely perfect. Secondly, these highly trained combat fighters have to stand perfectly still while on duty – they can’t scratch an itch and must deal with tourist…

Manure inspector

As it turns out, not all manure’s created equal. Before you can add it to your garden, it needs to be tested for things such as E. coli or salmonella. There are people employed to dig through tonnes of animal waste to collect test samples.

Mosquito researcher

Scientist studying mosquitoes need to understand their biting habits. Thus, they go to a buggy area and offer their legs up for a mosquito feast. One researcher has collected a grand total of 3 000 bites.

Crime scene cleaner

We see crime scenes on TV and hear about it in the news, but have you ever thought about what happens to these scenes? There are people who go to these morbid scenes and clean up all the blood and… other stuff.

Sewer diver

Sometimes, when the sewers are blocked or broken and needs to be fixed, then best person for the job is a person. This person will need to swim through tonnes of sewerage to fix the pipes or clear away the blockage. We don’t need to say anything more – you get the picture.

Pet food tester

You can rest assured that when your kitty or pooch sits down to a meal, it really is a tasty meal. That’s right; it’s someone’s job to sit down and taste pet food.

Grass seed analyst
You know when you don’t want to go out, and someone asks, “do you have anything better to do”, and you respond “I have to watch the grass grow”? That is actually someone’s job! A grass expert will plant seeds every morning and measure each blade for growth in the afternoon.

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