Halloween is only a few days away, and you’ve got your outfit planned (if you don’t, you know who to call – GetMore), but what about the snacks? It’s rude to arrive at someone’s house empty-handed (well, that’s what our Gran always said), or maybe you’re the host and need a few snack ideas (we can also help you clean up after the night of scares). Well, you’ve come to the right place, we have snacks to knock your socks off.

  1. Spider cookies

It’s simple. Bake chocolate chip cookies, but before they cool down, take a toothpick and draw lines from the exposed chips. Spiders have eight legs and roaches six.

Make chocolate chip cookies look like spiders for Halloween


  1. Brussel truffles

This is a lot of fun, unless you’re at the receiving end. Dip Brussels sprouts in melted chocolate. Once they’ve hardened, mix them with actual truffles and watch your guests squirm.

Cover brussel sprouts in chocolate for a spooky surprise

  1. Fingers

This is as delicious as it is creepy! It’ll be a party favourite, we guarantee it.


  1. Lolli ghosts

More treat than trick, but very cute. All you only need are lollipops, rubber bands (small), tissues, a black marker and ribbons. Tie the tissues around the lollies with the rubber bands, then decorate them with the ribbons and black marker, and there you have your ghost lollies.

Make lollipops look like ghosts for halloween!

  1. Toffee onions

Again, sooo evil and so fun to watch! Create a delicious toffee dip (melt sugar and butter together) but instead of dipping apples in the sauce, use an onion. Magical might not be the right word, but you get the idea.

Trick your guests with these onions covered in caramel

  1. Strawberry ghosts

The cutest thing! Simply melt white chocolate and dip strawberries in them. Once they are dry, draw on googly eyes with either an edible pen or dark chocolate. Or if you can find them, edible eyes. Just remember to wash the strawberries, or when people break off the chocolate, it’ll look like leg wax – the after product.

Strawberries covered in white chocolate can look like spooky ghosts

  1. Red & yellow cupcakes

It’s perfect for tricks. Bake (or buy) cupcakes but decorate them with mustard icing. Alternatively, cut out a piece of the cakes, fill them with tomato sauce and decorate them beautifully. Now sit back and wait for the magic to happen.

Mustard and tomato sauce cupcakes will trick any halloween guests

  1. Worms

Create your own edible worm garden. Not only is it delicious, but also really gross – have fun!

Need help getting your trick and treat table sorted? Ask Once; we are here for anything you need. Chat to us via the app, online or by calling 084 11 438 48.

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