Stop making excuses, let GetMore GO help you plan your next holiday today.

Do you find that you’re always making excuses not to travel? You don’t have the time or the money, or something needs to be done at home, you have a friend’s birthday, a family lunch, etc. Does it feel as if there is always something that’s getting in the way of your travel plans?

We’re here to tell you, that you need to prioritise a couple of things. Yes, that was harsh, but we’ve looked into it and found that travelling is surprisingly good for you. Not just because you need a break, but it also impacts your overall wellbeing positively.

Don’t believe us? Here are fifteen reasons why you should travel more.

  1. You improve and promote your overall brain health.
  2. Your problem-solving skills can improve.
  3. It aids your creativity.
  4. You can even grow smarter.
  5. You can lower your risk of heart disease.
  6. Regular holidays can prevent men from dying early.
  7. The amount of cortisol, your stress hormone, in your system decreases when you travel.
  8. After only one day on holiday, you’ll feel less stressed.
  9. Your outlook on life will improve.
  10. It helps people struggling with depression.
  11. It actually makes you happier to spend money on travelling instead of on material things.
  12. Travelling with your significant other can improve your intimacy and keep the romance alive.
  13. More couples view weekend getaways as more romantic than gifts.
  14. Family holidays play an enormous role in the development of children’s memories.
  15. Going on holiday with your family helps you bond more.

GetMore is here to help you, from financial planning (to help you budget for your trip) through to holiday deals, car hire or anything else you might need. Just visit our GetMore GO page or call us on 084 11 438 48 and we’ll sort your holiday right out – local or international, we do it all.

This article is for information purposes only, and should not be seen as medical advice.


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