Whether you want something out the box or second-hand, here are some top tips to read before you make your decision.

Old vs new

When you buy a new car you get the latest technology, a full warranty and it often comes with free maintenance, but it comes with a hefty price tag and begins to depreciate immediately.

With an old vehicle, you have negotiation room, a wide variety of choice and you can get a relatively new car at a significant discount, however they are often out of warranty and a service plan and you may not know the car’s history.

Do your homework

Once you have a short list of the cars you’re interested in, check similar cars for market-related prices online and in car magazines. It’s important to research your options thoroughly to avoid being overcharged.

Fuel economy

As petrol prices continue to increase, look at buying a more fuel-efficient vehicle. Not only will you be doing your bit for the planet by reducing air pollution, but you’ll also cut down on your monthly fuel bill. You’ll have a bigger variety of fuel-efficient cars if you are planning on buying something new, so do your research and make an informed decision.

History and safety record

It’s imperative that you know a car’s history before you buy it. How many owners has it had? Has it been in an accident? Have parts been replaced? By checking the history you’ll see if there are persistent mechanical faults, if there is outstanding car finance or if the vehicle has been stolen. It’s also important to look at the car in good lighting conditions (not in the dark or in the rain) to see if there are any mismatched panels, as these indicate repairs.

Test drive

Never buy a car without first giving it a test drive of at least half an hour. This is your opportunity to feel how comfortable it is and see how easy it is to drive. Travel at different speeds, on various road surfaces and listen for any odd noises. Test the steering, brakes and gears, as well as electrics like windows, windscreen wipers and lights.

Be neutral

It’s important that you don’t wait until you are desperate before you look for a vehicle – you want to be able to negotiate. When you view it, show interest but don’t be too eager, and you should be comfortable walking away if the deal isn’t for you. When you’re in a rush you’re more inclined to make an impulsive – and bad – decision.

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