Smartphones are expensive and even if you have insurance on your phone, you are not always covered when your phone stops working. Did you know by doing something as simple as charging your phone wrong, can shorten its lifespan. But don’t worry, GetMore HELP is here for you. We found out exactly how you should charge your phone in order to extend its battery.

Never over charge

Many of us plug our phones in at night before we turn in to ensure it’s fully charged the next morning. This is a mistake. The longer your phone is on charge, after it is full, the longer the battery is under high stress, which damages it. Once it reaches 100%, you should unplug it.

Less is more

Sometimes it’s better not to charge your battery until it’s full. By charging it more often for a small burst causes less stress to the battery than one long stretch until it is full.

The 10% rule

It is better to charge your phone when the battery power drops with 10% than waiting for it to run low or out. Rather charge it throughout the day when you can than in one long charge.

Stay cool

Lithium-ion batteries are damaged very quickly when they overheat. If you notice that your phone is heating up while charging, take it out of the case or let it cool down before continuing to charge it.

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Information is taken from My Broadband.

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