You’re nearly on holiday and you want your home to match your festive mood. It’s time you get decorating! We’ve found eight videos that show you (and the kids) how to get your home holiday-ready. And the best bit? Most of the material you need, you’ll already have at home.

  1. Paper snowflakes

Let it snow! There are 5 different types of snowflakes you can make, otherwise be creative and cut out your own shapes.

  1. Toilet roll Santa

Don’t throw away your toilet rolls, follow this short video and make cute Santas, penguins, reindeers, trees and more.


  1. Ice cream stick trees

After the kids have eaten their ice creams, keep the sticks and make these easy decorations. They’re perfect to hang in the Christmas tree.

  1. Button fun

Get a range of colourful buttons – different sizes and shapes – and follow this simple video which shows you how to make button tree decorations.


  1. Paper wreaths

Follow this easy tutorial to make Christmas wreaths – you just need a steady hand! Get a range of coloured paper for variety.

  1. Paper plate Santa

You can never have enough Santas at Christmas! This is a fun one for the kids, so get them involved and you’ll have decorations for their bedroom walls.


  1. Stick men

Need decorations for your Christmas tree? These are quick, clever and just so cute. Hang onto those ice cream sticks – you’re going to need them.


  1. Christmas crafts

From bottle caps to buttons, this video has a range of fun and simple holiday decorations. So, keep the kids busy by having a craft day.

Whatever decorations you’re making, please take care when using scissors or glue, especially if you have children around.

It’s not too early for you to start your festive season planning. So, if you’re looking for more decorating ideas, need a tree collected, want to find a Santa outfit or you want help shopping for presents – just call GetMore on  084 11 438 48. We’re here to help with anything, anytime, anywhere.



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