What do you do when you’re in a shopping queue, waiting for a friend, sitting down to dinner with friends or family, watching TV, walking, before you go to bed, or driving? You’re on your phone, aren’t you?

Think for a moment, how often are on your phone or a computer, in front of the TV or reading your eBook? How many times do you check to see if you got a message even though nothing has come through? Look, you’re even online now.

You know what that means? You’re an addict; a digital addict.

“So, what if I am?” you might ask.

The most obvious reason, it’s dangerous. Being on your phone, even if it’s important, while you’re driving is distracting, dangerous and illegal. If you text (or call) and drive, you can increase your chances of a car accident by 32%, not to mention getting smash-and-grabbed. But more than just driving, you can walk into the road, into something, or even off something if you’re distracted by your device while walking.

Studies have also found that digital addiction affects your brain in a similar way that drug abuse does and it can lead to social and mental disorders, such as depression, brain damage, and disrupted emotions and self-control.

But GetMore is here to help. Here are our ideas on how you can take a break from your digital devices.

Set boundaries

Only check your phone during certain times of the day. Tell your boss you’ll only be available during certain times at night and your friends you can only talk at specific times during the day. Put your phone away while you’re working or download an app that blocks your messages for a while.

Make a plan

Don’t just switch off your phone and internet, your friends might get the fright of their life when they can’t reach you. Decide on when you’d like to detox and for how long. Let your friends and colleagues know that you’ll be offline for a while. If you’re someone who gets restless easily, fill your time offline with some of the amazing activities GetMore offers deals on.


When you are catching up with your friends or having a meal with your family. Ensure that everyone keep their phones on silent and face down on the table and stop eating in front of the TV. Family time should be for the family. You can even leave all your devices at home when you go on holiday. By not being on your devices all the time, you might just meet new people and reconnect with the people in your life and life in general.

Be original

Invest in a watch and a ‘normal’ alarm this will prevent you from checking your phone any time you want to know what time it is or as you wake up. Read a book made of paper before going to bed or if you wake up in the middle of the night as your devices’ electric lights keep you awake. If you’re in a waiting room, read the old magazines or brochures around you as reading longer pieces can improve your ability to concentrate.

Go outside

Experience life. Call a friend to join you for an outside run or a walk, or join a club run. Start a veggie garden and rope the whole family in. Not only will you spend quality time with your people, but you’ll save on veggies. Start meditating, just sit quietly somewhere serene and breathe slowly. Studies have actually found that being outside, around nature, can you calm down and helps you focus better.

Visit GetMore PLAY for great ideas on how you can experience life while you do your digital detox. Just call 084 11 438 48 and tell us if you’re looking for a break from technology and we’ll find just what you need to help you through this time.

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