Other than buying a house, a new car is likely to be one of the most expensive purchases you’ll ever make. It’s also one of the most fun!

However, you should ensure that you fully understand the terms of the deal to avoid running into any problems further down the road.

So, before you get dazzled by the bright lights of the showroom, read through our list of essential questions to ask before you sign on the dotted line.

What are the insurance rates on this type of car?

You really don’t want to end up paying almost as much for your insurance as you did for your new car. Talk to your GetMore insurance expert for a competitive quote BEFORE you sign for the car. GetMore will get you quotes from different insurers and give you the best advice possible so you have the right cover at the right price.

How often do these cars need repairs?

Let’s face it, cars are bottomless money pits. It’s not just their purchase price that needs to be taken into account, how much they cost to maintain is also a very necessary consideration and few things can dent your bank balance as much as regular car repairs. Ask about a maintenance plan and ask the dealer which components are most likely to give you problems and how costly they are to fix.

When you have your answers from the sales person, go online and compare their answers to what existing or previous owners are saying. If that particular car has common problems, there will definitely be discussions about it on the internet.

What kind of deal can you give me on financing and the down payment?

There’s an art to haggling. If you go in too low then you run the risk of blowing the chance of a good deal altogether. Don’t just ask for money off the total price; see if the sales person can give you a lower finance rate, reduced down payment, or anything else they might be able to do for you. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Remember GetMore can assist with finance options at competitive rates, so give us a call before you make any final decisions about finance.

Is there a documentation fee?

Some vehicle dealers charge a fee for filling out your new car contract! There’s no standard amount and essentially, they are free to charge you as much as they like. So if the deal seems too good to be true, just check they’re not going to hit you with a loaded documentation fee when you come to sign. Find out what the amount is as soon as you can and if it’s too high, see if you can ask them to come down with the fee.

What other fees will I be charged?

This is your ‘on the road’ price. In other words, how much it will cost you to be able to drive your new car on the road. Other fees can include sales tax, registration cost and the documentation fee. If there are other additional expenses, question what they’re for.

How many kilometres are on the clock?

This might seem like a strange question to ask, however most new cars have digital displays which mean you can only see the mileage number when the ignition is switched on. It is also a very important question for internet car shoppers to ask, who haven’t seen the car and where the mileage hasn’t been stated. Not all new cars have less than 20 kilometres on the clock. The car might have been used for lots of test drives. If your potential new set of wheels has more than 500 kilometres on the clock, negotiate a lower price.

And finally…

Before you drive your shiny new set of wheels out of the showroom, make sure you check it over thoroughly and ensure everything is working. By asking the right questions, you won’t get taken for a ride when you buy a new car.

If you’re in the market for a new or pre-owned vehicle, GetMore can help make the entire process quick and painless. Our wheels team will find the right car for you, get the quotations, do the negotiating, book the test drive, arrange the finance and insurance and handle the trade-in, all you have to do is phone GetMore on 084 11 438 48.

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