Exams tend to be a stressful time for your children, and as a parent it is very important that you create an environment where they can feel calm and positive.


Sleep is very important to the development and working of the brain. Statistics show that 3 in every 10 children are not getting enough sleep, and this can lead to emotional disorders and abnormal work patterns. During exams it’s fundamental that your children get enough sleep, so that when they write their exams they are awake and the brain is stimulated. To make sure your children get enough sleep, have a time where you take away their phones and switch off all loud technology in the house, this way you are creating an environment which will allow them to sleep.

Eating Well

For your children’s well-being it’s important that you cook or prepare food that will keep them in top form during exams. Having them eat greens will make sure that their focus is peaked. Feeding them sweets will make them restless and unfocused. Make sure they eat enough good food, because if they don’t that will raise their stress levels.

Study Time

Sit with your kids and create a study timetable, but do keep in mind that boys have a short attention span, so create 1-hour long study times with breaks, that will make sure they can focus. During this time keep your house a silent zone, you could read a book and be available anytime your children need assistance.


As much as you want your children to study hard, it’s important that they exercise for their well-being, and too much studying may lead to information overload. So make sure that your kids are playing sport at school or encourage them to run or swim.


Having positive energy is very important for your kids, as that will make them feel good for their exams. You can create a positive environment by playing board games or taking them to a movie on a Friday night.

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