Do you spend enough quality time with your family? Parents often have busy work schedules and children’s days are filled with school, sport and extramural activities, so when do you have time together as a family?


It’s important to make time, because it makes children feel loved and more secure and it helps build strong family bonds. Here are five ways that you can have quality family time – on a budget.


Everyone benefits from a bit of fresh air and some exercise, so take everyone for a walk in the park. If your children have bicycles then take these along, or get a ball and play soccer. Look for short 5km walking races that you can compete in as a family. It’s about getting outside, exercising and having fun together.


Pick one evening in the week and dedicate it to family games. You can play cards, use a board game like Monopoly, or guess your favourite movies in a game of charades. Whatever you decide to play, turn the TV off and have some family fun.


Get your family together for a planning session and let everyone suggest things that they want to do; it can be activities, events to go to, or short trips away. Fill the bucket list with affordable things, and start doing things as a family and ticking them off your list.


All families need traditions, so have one night a week (or a month) where you rent a movie and watch it together. Everyone gets their turn to pick a movie on their night, and you can have a treat of popcorn or ice cream. Get everyone into their pyjamas and bring the mattresses, pillows and blankets into your lounge, so you can create a relaxed and cosy atmosphere.


Reserve this one day of the week that’s just for your family. Have a picnic in the botanical gardens, go to a concert in the park or do a fun activity like tenpin bowling. Look at an events calendar and see what’s happening in your area – you’d be surprised how many activities are free or very affordable when you have young children.

Take advantage of all the long weekends in April, by spending quality time with your family. Phone GetMore on 084 11 438 48 and let us help you find affordable holiday getaways, inexpensive events happening in your area, and activities that you can do with your family – on a budget.



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