Technology moves at lightning speed and it’s hard to stay ahead of the trends, but if you’re a tech junkie, these predictions for 2015 will get you excited for the year ahead.


Digital wallets or e-wallets may soon replace the need to walk around with actual bank notes in your pocket. These mobile payment systems allow you to make in-store and online payments, and money transfers, using an app on your smartphone and fingerprint technology to verify your identity. While there’s a growing acceptance of these digital wallets, and they’ll eventually make transactions cheaper and faster, security remains one of the biggest concerns.


Just when you thought your TV viewing couldn’t get any clearer, 4K Ultra HD TV screens have hit the home entertainment market. This technology delivers finer details and greater texture than HD, and this improved image quality gives viewers a superior TV experience. While content needs to catch up to the technology, 4K Ultra HD won’t just be limited to TVs, it will be available on cameras, computers, tablets and smartphones.


For many years, onboard computers have controlled basic systems and functions in your vehicle, but cars are quickly becoming more intelligent modes of transport, and the next one you buy may well be more computer than car. Wireless internet connections are becoming standard and will sync to your smartphone and any other electronic devices, bringing you new features and services.

Your smart car will tell you when your oil needs changing, remind you to put on your seat belt, allow you to lock your doors remotely and will send data back to the manufacturer of your car. Self-driving cars may also be here sooner than you know. While your car will be better connected, all this new technology could be a huge distraction and prove dangerous when you drive.


Three-dimensional printing is the process of taking a digital file and making it into a real, solid 3D object. The program “slices” your object into hundreds or thousands of thin horizontal layers, and these are placed on top of each other until the object has been created.

This type of printing may sound like science fiction, but in reality it has been used in certain industries for the past two decades, especially to make prototypes. Only recently has it captured the attention of the wider public and as the technology improves, 3D printing will become significantly cheaper. This in turn will change the nature of commerce, as anyone with a 3D printer will be able to manufacture their own goods, from edible food to wearable shoes.


Will machines one day be smarter than humans? As technology steamrolls ahead, that scenario is easy to believe. You can now control all the features of your house through an app on your smartphone or tablet. Open your garage door, turn down your thermostat, check your security camera, dim your lights, and make sure your fridge is still switched on after a power failure!

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