South Africans are famous for many things – food, culture, friendliness and, of course, our sense of humour. So while we’re in April, the funny month, we thought we’d take a look at some of our greatest local comedians.

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Celeste Ntuli

One of SA’s comedy giants, Celeste is not scared to take on any subject or issue. When she’s not on stage, you can find her in front of the camera working on skits.

Conrad Kock

A ventriloquist as unique as they come. His famous character is Mr Chester Missing and together the two can talk up a storm of laughter.


Nicholas Goliath

Half of the Goliath team, Nicolas is a brilliant comedian that can paint a beautiful and hilarious picture of everyday events.


Riaad Moosa

True to himself, his culture and South Africa, Riaad is an award-winning comedian with a slick tongue and a medical degree.


Schalk Bezuidenhout

Brought up in Kempton Park, this man has more than enough material to take on the Afrikaans community and SA as a whole. He won the Savanna Newcomer Award in 2013.


Skhumba Hlophe

Better known as Skhumba, is a jolly man that is no stranger to the stage, radio, TV or the big screen. Although he started out small, today he is one of our biggest names in the business.


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