When you’re going to be spending long hours in your car, it’s essential that it runs safely and efficiently. As a GetMore member you have access to benefits that will help you travel safely on South African roads.


Leaving early and scared you’ll oversleep? Phone GetMore and arrange an early morning wake-up call. A consultant will phone you at the arranged time and ensure that you are awake.


If you’re travelling long distances or during the night, call GetMore and ask for assistance. A call centre agent will phone you at prearranged times, to make sure that your journey is going smoothly. In the event that they can’t reach you, they’ll notify your next of kin on the phone number that you provided.


Protect yourself and your passengers when you drive, by ensuring that you regularly service your car. This helps your car run efficiently and safely. We get quotes from trusted suppliers, and all you have to do is pick the one that’s convenient and fits your budget.


When you’re stuck on the side of the road, you want help straight away. As a GetMore member all you have to do is phone us, and we’ll dispatch assistance immediately. Whether you need a mechanic, a can of petrol, or someone to change a burst tyre, call our help hotline and we’ll assist you – day or night.

South Africa has a high accident rate, and many of the roads have potholes, for these reasons it’s important to get car insurance. Contact us and we’ll negotiate affordable rates from a variety of suppliers, so that you can choose what works for your car and your finances.


When you need car parts, or want the latest accessories, just phone GetMore and get what you’re looking for – at a discount. From sound systems to parking sensors, we’ll negotiate the best possible price for you.


If you’re unfortunately involved in an accident and you need to claim from the Road Accident Fund, call GetMore. As a member we pay Roadcover on your behalf, which means we also deal with the paperwork, phone calls and lawyers.
GetMore is your personal vehicle specialist and we’re here to make your car journeys as easy as possible. All the help you need is just phone call away on 084 11 438 48.

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