Sifiso is a new GetMore member, and this means he has access to more than 25 lifestyle benefits and services. His only problem is that he doesn’t know exactly how to use GetMore. Here is a day in his life, which show just how GetMore can start saving Sifiso time and money.

Sifiso isn’t a morning person and today he has a huge meeting that he can’t miss. To make sure he woke up on time, he contacted GetMore yesterday and asked for an early morning wake-up call. A friendly call centre agent phoned Sifiso at the required time, to make sure that he was awake, so he could be on time for his meeting.

It’s a great day for Sifiso because he gets a promotion at work. To celebrate his news he wants to go out for dinner and he phones GetMore for suggestions on great steak restaurants in his area. As a GetMore member Sifiso’s booking is made on his behalf and because he saves up to R100 on his bill when he pays for two main plates, he’s invited his girlfriend to dinner.

His brother’s birthday is coming up soon, and Sifiso offered to plan the party but he doesn’t have time. With just one call to GetMore, he can explain what he wants and his personal assistant will plan the event for him. The PA will organise the whole party, from finding a venue and negotiating a DJ and arranging the invitations and delivering a cake. With just one call, Sifiso can plan a great party for his brother.

Looking good is important to Sifiso, however he doesn’t like shopping malls – they’re too crowded and he hates queuing, but the problem is that he wants a new outfit for the party. Through GetMore he can shop online at Spree and find the latest fashion range at his fingertips. The GetMore online mall also has thousands of products from popular brands, which means he’ll find something to match his taste. The best bit is that he can pay online – it’s safe and easy – and his order will be delivered within 5-7 working days.

Sifiso and his girlfriend are on their way back from dinner when his car breaks down. Because it’s dark already he quickly phones GetMore for roadside assistance. A mechanic arrives shortly to sort out his car, but unfortunately it needs to be towed. Through GetMore Sifiso organises a rental car at a great rate so that he can drive them home safely.

It’s late at night, and being stuck on the side of the road isn’t fun, so to make himself and his girlfriend feel better he decides to plan a weekend away. With just one call to GetMore, his personal travel agent makes some great suggestions on where to go, finds an affordable deal and books the accommodation.

In just one day Sifiso has saved himself time, money and stress, by making use of his GetMore benefits and services. Members can read through the benefit brochure or call 084 11 438 48 and speak to a friendly agent.

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