Friedrich Nietzsche said, “Without music, life would be a mistake”. We, here at GetMore, tend to agree with him. Music has this great power to evoke emotion of memories past, create joy and pleasures, help you concentrate and in general colour life in. It doesn’t matter who you are, we all have a song (at least one) that lies close to our hearts. And because “local is lekker”, we thought we’ll look around a bit and list our top picks (in no particular order or genre) of South African bands.


This kwaito group grew up in Soweto and formed Trompies in 1993, but only after all five members completed their college music studies. Since they started their band, they’ve sold over a million albums and started their own record label company, Kalawa Jazmee.


Mango Groove

This colourful and upbeat band started in 1984, and they are still going strong. With 11 members, they created a unique style called Afropop and have received over 12 number one hits. Not to mention that they’re the only South African band to have received all South African music and video awards.


Mi Casa

Known for their deep house, jazz and soulful sound, Mi Casa is truly one of South Africa’s Greats. The band was formed when the three members were at a night lounge in 2011 and just decided to perform together. A few months later, they released their first album, which won several awards at the 18th Annual MTN South African Music Awards in 2012.


Hot Water

Incorporating musical elements from across the world, such as kwela, sakkie-sakkie to blues and indie-pop-rock, Hot Water uses their music to bring people together regardless of their age or cultural background. They’ve been described as having a “magical way of warming any event”.


The Kiffness

This electronic duo from Cape Town has hit the ground running. They have quite a list of nominations, awards and hit songs, but what really sets them apart from other bands is their quirkiness and amazing stage personalities.


Swing City

Born from the love of jazz, swing and blues this trio wanted to put a “modern” spin on their music. Their music is fun, upbeat and sure to put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step. The band has a sleek look and is backed by a full jazz orchestra.


Freshly Ground

The seven members, hailing from South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, not only started Freshly Ground in 2002, but also their own record label, Freeground, in 2003. They are a huge success and have travelled the world, performing at sold-out concerts, and have received numerous awards for their unique style.

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