• Airline tickets – plan in advance and book early for the best deals.
  • Connecting flights – you might think connecting sucks but it saves!
  • Always look into round trip tickets – one way tickets are so expensive that the round trip ticket is often cheaper.
  • Try to get back to the same airport – flying in and out of the same airport is almost always cheaper. The same goes for car rentals.
  • Be flexible with travel days – many prices are based on supply and demand, so sometimes it’s much cheaper to leave the day before (or after) instead.



  • Plan your meals – look for restaurants and their prices online. You will probably find economical restaurants with great food.
  • Cook for yourself – since the experience is new (cookware, dining area, supermarket, etc), it’s actually quite fun.
  • Go to the supermarket – even if you’re away from home, chances are high that there’s a supermarket where you’re travelling to. It’s worth taking a trip there to stock up on snacks, water, and anything else you may need.


  • Rail, metros and subway – if you’re travelling to Europe, research on multi-trip discounts. Many metros and railways have passes such as a 3-day unlimited travel pass which might be worth the cost.
  • Driving is not bad – want to take that 1 hour flight? You might as well drive there and save. Once you get there, having a car is also much cheaper than renting.



  • Staying in a town next door – sometimes the smaller towns close to where you are going have cheaper accommodation. If you don’t mind the 15 minute drive, you might just save that bundle.
  • Holiday home – if you’re staying at a destination for at least a few days, consider renting a holiday home instead of a hotel. They’re often more comfortable and will probably be a lot cheaper.

Local is Lekker

  • Walk around – if your destination isn’t that far away, consider asking the locals for directions and walking there. It’s a great chance for you to see the city and take pictures.
  • Enjoy the local version – consider trying local beer, coffee or food. You might be surprised at how great and cheap it really is!
  • Travel around home – overseas travel might be your dream holiday but there are actually many places close by that are just as interesting. Check out those lesser known places and the local experience might very well be great.
  • Talk to the locals – be friendly and chat to them. Sometimes, they’ll tell you where to eat and some may even offer for you to stay over (works best in small towns).

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