Christmas is around the corner, and if you’ll be celebrating with a big family meal, what you need is some food inspiration. According to a hungry GetMore team, here are some traditional South African favourites…


Chips, dips and biltong will help to keep your hunger pangs at bay while you’re preparing your main meal, but for something a little more adventurous try seafood. Throw some prawns onto a Skottel or braai and baste them with a chilli butter sauce, or you can opt for smoked snoek pâté and eat it on roosterbrood.


For most South Africans, meat is the star of the meal, and when it comes to the main dish – any meat goes. Roast chicken or turkey, leg of lamb on the Weber, chops or steak on the braai, or gammon. With Christmas falling in the heat of summer, lighter dishes are sometimes preferable, such as a whole fish cooked on a braai.
A big green salad is a great option in the hot weather, but some local favourite side dishes include roasted butternut, roast potatoes, broccoli, umfino, pampoenkoekies, and mielies on the braai.


South Africans have quite a sweet tooth, so if you’re leaving a little space for dessert, here are some suggestions: koeksisters, malva pudding, melktert, lemon meringue pie and let’s not forget ice cream and chocolate sauce.
Many Christmas menus are based on northern hemisphere ideas, but they’re in the grips of winter, not barefoot and enjoying the sunshine, which is why their food is all hot. For this reason South Africans have put a twist on their menus, to suit our sunny climate.

For people celebrating Christmas it’s the time of year when it’s a little more excusable to indulge! Enjoy your meals and remember that it’s a time to celebrate and appreciate your friends and family.

Of course not everyone wants to spend their day in the kitchen, so if you want to book a restaurant instead, simply call GetMore on 084 11 438 48. You have a choice of over 450 restaurants around the country, and when you order two main meals you’ll get a R100 discount.

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