With spring around the corner – and temperatures heating up – many people feel the urge to renovate, refresh or revive their homes. We give you four affordable tips for home DIY.


Painting your walls a new colour will instantly change how a room looks, but if you’re worried about costs, rather paint a pattern or stripe, or make a feature wall by painting it a bold colour. You can also give old furniture a new lease on life by giving it a fresh coat of paint.


Do you have bare walls and need a few pictures? Get a canvas, buy a few pots of paint and let your kids (or nieces and nephews) loose. You’ll have a totally unique work of art and they will love having their creativity displayed prominently on your wall.


As a GetMore member you can phone the call centre and your personal assistant will find any accessory you’re looking for and negotiate the best possible price just for you. From cabinets and rugs, to vases and lamps – add a few new accessories and you’ll refresh your house.


The most cost-effective way to give a room a facelift, is by rearranging things. Change the position of the couch, move your TV to another part of the room, and put pictures up on a different wall. You can also swap accessories, like a side table or lamp, between rooms. It’s a simple solution that won’t cost you any money – just a little bit of time.

When you have the urge to redo a room, or your whole house, it can be done economically. As a GetMore member you have access to the HOME benefit which means we’ll help you build, fix or furnish your home.

We’ll find quotes, negotiate great rates and fight with builders – all on your behalf. Phone GetMore today on 084 11 438 48 for any home-related questions, and see how we can make your life simpler, more affordable and more fun.


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