Paper beats rock – your CV is the only thing standing between you and your dream job. OK, there are plenty of things standing between you and your dream job, but your CV is the first thing recruiters and HR personnel will see. Unfortunately, those couple of pages will give them their first impression of you and help them decide if they want to meet you.

So, how can you make sure your CV stand out for the wrong reasons?


A little extra colour to your skills is one thing, but a blatant lie will not fly. Any company worth its salt will run proper checks on your credentials and find out if you’re lying. In addition, if people do realise that you’re lying you might get blacklisted by recruiters.

Use poor grammar and spelling

Skills: I am a rabid typist attention to detial Manage steak holders I am an expert in prof reading.

Ask your friends and family to check and read through your CV before you send it out, regardless of how confident you are in your language skills. Small typos have the ability to find themselves onto the page.

“Cute” email address

It was funny when you were in high school and university, but if you want a potential employer or recruiter to take you seriously, you need a professional email address.

Correct contact information

Double check and triple check that your contact information is correct. Regardless of how much they love your CV, if they can’t get hold of you, you won’t get the job.


It doesn’t matter how professional you look, if you’re not applying for a modelling or acting job, don’t add your picture. If it’s a requirement, you’ll be asked for it at a later stage.

Buzz the heck out of your words

Yes, there are certain words recruiters and hiring managers are searching for, but a) don’t overdo it and b) know which ones to use. When writing your CV and cover letter, words such as “achieved,” “managed,” “resolved,” and “launched” are attention grabbing if used correctly and sparingly.

Your opinions

It’s great to have your own opinions, and they make you who you are. However, unless a possible employer asks you about them, keep it to yourself.

Your hobbies

Just like your opinions, it’s great that you enjoy loads of hobbies. Again, your CV is not the place to be discussing this. Your CV is a professional document that’s a brief summary of your skills and experiences, not you.

Fancy and colourful font

Being creative and fun is super; your CV is not the place to experiment with fonts etc. Yes, your layout is important, but stick to an easy-to-read font such as Arial and the colour black. The easier you make your CV to read, the more likely it will be chosen (depending, of course, on your skills, etc.).

With a strong CV and the GetMore recruiters behind you, you can be sure that paper will beat scissors. We have access to over 500 recruitment agencies and over 1 000 recruiters, and we are committed to assisting you in your search for your dream job. Call us on 084 11 438 48 or visit and let us know what you want to do.


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