All that is keeping your vehicle on the road, and you safe, is the four very small rubber contact areas that your tyres exert onto the tar, at any given time. So why would you compromise on your safety, and that of your family, when it comes to fitting the correct tyre for your vehicle, for the sake of saving a few Rand?

It is no secret that household budgets are very tight at the moment and the market is flooded with cheap tyres that seem like exceptional bargains at the price. Tempting, but do you really know what you are getting for your money?

According to an expert from Michelin Tyre Company “Reputable tyre companies like Michelin spend millions every year on research and development to ensure that your safety requirements are met.”

This also means that new and better products are being brought to market by these reputable tyre manufacturers all the time, and more importantly, that their tyres are developed specifically for the relevant region they are sold in. South African conditions offer unique and challenging issues like extreme heat and cold, poor road conditions, heavy loading and high speed, in comparison to say Europe where the general road conditions are better and the weather less volatile, so the tyres themselves must also be unique.

Then there are the seldom considered consequences of fitting tyres that are not compatible with the OEM manufacturer’s recommendations. Firstly, doing so could compromise your ride quality and the workings of your vehicles complex safety systems. Then there is the harsh reality that your insurance company can repudiate an accident claim should it be found that you are using tyres that are not correctly rated to your vehicle.

Michelin says that this is a big problem with 4×4 vehicle owners who use their vehicles as way more than a utility vehicle and the owners of performance vehicles who get caught out when it comes to the high cost of replacing performance tyres, and try and save a few Rand by fitting tyres with the wrong speed rating relevant to the vehicle.

Some of this might be pure ignorance but this will not be seen as a valid excuse should you have an accident or a claim. So what should you look out for when it comes time to replacing your tyres?

We advise that you should deal with a reputable tyre fitment centre or supplier as they are better equipped to advise you correctly and will stock the full range of products. The tyre itself should have an E Certificate Rating, which is marked on the tyre, so that you know that this product has been approved for South Africa. Stick to the OEM manufacturer’s recommendations and finally, if you must change, then chose a tyre that has a higher rating rather than a lower rating, to the one currently fitted to your vehicle.

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