The fancy dress party, the fanciest of all the parties. This is not just a sweeping statement; it is the truth. How, you ask? Because you can choose any theme you want – you can hold a Disney Princesses Night (no, you are never too old) or a Presidential Ball and have everyone over from the Queen of England to a US president of your choice. What’s fancier than that?

Unfortunately, these types of parties need a lot of work and effort. But, we wouldn’t be GetMore if we didn’t have advice for you. So here follows our How-to Fancy Dress Party Guide.

Step 1 – The budget

As with most things in life, it comes down to the money. Before you begin to put this party together, decide on a budget. It’s also very important to stick to the set budget (it might sound silly, but a lot of us forget about this part).

Step 2 – The theme

Now that you know your financial restraints, you should choose a theme. If you are limited space wise and you can’t afford to rent a venue, you don’t want people showing up in huge costumes. Also consider themes that are not too complicated to dress for, such as worst thing in my closet.

Step 3 – The invitations

Remember to give people ample time to plan their costumes for your party. Add to the theatrics by creating invites that fit your theme; if you’re having a mad scientist party, send out your invites in test tubes.

Step 4 – The decorations

Decorations can make or break your party. So get creative and doll up your venue as much as you can. Just remember the budget rule. Google comes into play here as it is littered with affordable DIY decoration ideas on just about anything.

Step 5 – The music

Music has a way of playing with your mind, so make sure you have a brilliant playlist to create the perfect atmosphere. Mix things up a little by looking for electric swing music if you’re planning a jazz night.

Step 6 – The food

Once again the internet is your friend. Search for ideas that are easy (and cheap) to prepare and that fit your theme. For example, if your theme is red, make sure everything you serve is red or ties to red food such as jelly or beetroot.

Step 7 – The fun

Take lots of pics and have a blast!

Contact us for all your party needs, from finding a perfect dress or those lace paper plates through to an affordable venue or a crazy cocktail. Call 084 11 438 48 or chat to us online, and we’ll get your party started.

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