Start putting yourself first and stop to being used by others (albeit unintentional); it’s time to recapture your essence and we’ll tell you how.

An endless amount of demands are made of us every day, and it’s impossible to accommodate everyone and everything. This usually means we need to sacrifice certain areas, which is, more often than not, ourselves. We choose to sacrifice our own needs and desires because we want people to like us, and we don’t want to let anyone down.

It is important to remember that 1) we’re not responsible for others (unless you’re a parent) and 2) by constantly choosing others above yourself, you might end up resenting them. Also, you can cause yourself emotional and physical harm.

It might feel strange saying no in the beginning, but once you start setting boundaries, the following will happen:

  • You’ll become more productive.
  • You’ll be happier.
  • You’ll have more energy.
  • Your relationships will be better.
  • You’ll manage feelings of fear, stress, resentment and depression better.

Now, how do you put yourself first?

  • Create a happiness list. It’s simple, write down all the things that make you happy. Now, note when last you did any of them and what you need to start paying more attention to.
  • Say no. Say no to things that drain you, that cause you unhappiness, and that you can’t do.
  • Ask for help. There is no reason why you should do everything on your own, ask when you struggle or are pressed for time. Life does not have to be a constant race.
  • Schedule time for yourself. Even if it’s just two hours a week where you sit in a park and read, you need time to relax and recuperate.
  • Change the way you think and speak. Instead of saying “one day I’ll paint my walls”, say “this weekend I’m painting my walls”. Be proactive with things you deem important.
  • Get to know yourself. Find out what is important and where you what to go.
  • Unfortunately, putting yourself first takes some thinking. Review your life and see where and how you can take control of your life.

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This article is for information purposes only, and should not be seen as medical advice.


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