The holiday season is around the corner and if you’re planning on driving far, what you need is a fuel efficient car that saves you money. A small, nippy car is usually more economical than a large 4×4 but if you’re not getting a new car soon, here are 10 tips to help reduce your fuel bill.
1. Look after your car.

Get your car serviced regularly to make sure everything runs smoothly. This makes it more energy efficient and safer on the roads.

2. Tyres.

Make sure your wheel alignment is correct and that your tyres are at the right pressure, especially before a long trip. It’s dangerous driving with tyres that are the wrong pressure and it also uses more petrol.

3. Pack lightly.

Do you have a whole lot of junk in your car? When you have a heavy car it uses more petrol, so do yourself a favour and empty your boot.

4. Use your boot.

When you’re moving boxes and bags put them in your boot, rather than on the roof of your car, because the more wind resistance you have, the more petrol you use.

5. Idling.

You waste petrol when your car is on – but you’re not driving anywhere – so only start the car when you’re ready to leave. Also, try to avoid rush hour traffic because the stopping and starting uses more petrol.

6. Turn off your aircon.

It’s tempting to have cool air in your car when it’s baking hot outside but this uses more fuel. When you’re driving in town just open your windows but when you’re on the highway it’s better to use your aircon.

7. Drive sensibly.

You might be tempted to put your foot flat to speed away when a robot turns green but sudden acceleration uses more petrol than a gentle start. The same applies to slowing down – do it smoothly.

8. Stick to the speed limit.

The faster you drive over the national speed limit, the more petrol your car will use.

9. Carpool.

Share a car with friends and family and save on fuel money – even if it’s just on one day a week.

10. Do you have to drive?

If you just need to go a short distance, think about walking. It saves you petrol money, reduces pollution and it’s a healthier option for you.

Make your hard-earned Rands stretch a little further by following these ten fuel-saving tips, and you’ll have a little more money you can use during your December holiday.

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