You want to start the New Year by joining a gym and getting fit, but before you pull on your Lycra shorts, get clued up on gym etiquette, so that the looks you get are full of admiration, not shock and horror.

Don’t flash your bits: Nope, it ain’t pretty. Even if you did spend enough to bankrupt yourself on those slinky Lycra shorts, your fellow gym-goers really don’t want to see every curve of your unmentionables.

Save that kind of stuff for your partner and you’ll contribute to the mental wellbeing of your fellow gymbos. Invest in some suitable exercise gear – loose enough to allow you to jump and twist without twisting the minds of others in the gym.

Good and clean and fresh: Yes, it’s normal to work up a sweat at the gym, and no one expects you to ooze perfume from every pore, but make sure you take a good shower after gym and always use deodorant. And DON’T bung your sweaty gym clothes straight into the car and re-use them without a darn good wash. Want to see people projectile vomit? Just wear your sweat-encrusted kit day after day and that’ll do the trick.

Looky here: It’s not a peep show, guys. Believe it or not, women don’t go to gym to be ogled. Strangely enough they go there to get fit and work out just like you. So grit your teeth and focus on honing those muscles of yours, then maybe as you leave the gym, one of those gym ladies might just smile nicely at you.

Make nice with the machines: And don’t commandeer them for your own private use. They are there for the benefit of everyone in the gym, so play nice. If you’re not too sure how to use a piece of equipment, just ask! Don’t try and tough it out and make a spectacle of yourself in the process. It’s also very uncool to leave a machine without first wiping it down – no one likes a machine covered with your body juices.

Do it right: There is an art to using free weights, so learn to be an artist. By the way, that squat rack is not for bicep curls. And you don’t have to impress anyone, so quit loading the weights on your first try.

Ever seen a sweat-soaked, red-faced male having to have the barbell removed from his shoulders after getting stuck in a squat? Sad, painful and just generally wrong. Note that if you’re going to bench press, it’s never a good idea to bounce the bar off your sternum. Unless you’re aiming to get some sympathy for those crushed ribs, that is.

Lock it up: Are you still taking or making calls from your cell phone while at the gym? Get a life! Cell phones have been around for yay long and the new etiquette is that you don’t talk on them at gym or at dinner. So shelve your multimillion buck negotiation until after your workout and keep your phone addiction under wraps for just one hour.

Hey, good looking: Gym is actually a vanity free-for-all full of mirrors, so you can check yourself out endlessly from every possible angle. Just don’t fall into the trap of imagining that everyone else is checking you out with the same lustrous gaze. Truth is, they’re too busy admiring themselves. Well, what did you expect? It’s pretty much the only time and place where self-obsession rules. So clench that butt, you gorgeous thing, you!

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