Arts and crafts don’t need to cost anything – start a craft box containing empty household boxes and tubs, wrapping paper and ribbons and you and your children will soon be able to create mini masterpieces to treasure or give as gifts.

Here are a few ideas for you:

Water painting

You don’t need paints and pencils to create a masterpiece? Fill up a bucket of water and give your child a big paintbrush that they can use to paint the house, shed, patio, bricks… they’ll love watching the water stain everything a different colour and going back over the bits they’ve missed.


Make use of all those used boxes and containers by encouraging your child to create something unique. You could give them scissors, glue and paint and set them a theme (robots, rockets and princess castles are usually popular) or simply let their imagination run wild and get them to come up with something totally individual.

Make a cardboard house

Who needs bricks to build a great house? A couple of big cardboard boxes (one for the building, one for the roof) is all you really need to create a mini house that your children will love decorating with pens, paints, glitter and crayons.


You could ask your child to make a collage out of items they’ve collected from the garden/days out or give them recycled card, paper and materials to create their very own masterpiece. This is another easy way to ensure lots of fun without a single cent.


Painting big pieces of paper is a fun way to spend an hour or too. You could pencil in some faint shapes for them to colour in or leave them to create their own designs.

Making cards

Make cards for forthcoming birthdays/Christmas and any other special occasions. Children can create their own unique designs or do finger/hand printing (perfect for party invitations).

Paper fun

Lay some large sheets of paper out and ask your child to lie down, draw around them and then ask them to paint themselves, they can also do hand prints with paintbrushes, sponges and other arty materials – brilliant fun.


On rainy days sit them down with old magazines and get them to cut out pictures and make a creative poster. Mismatching heads with different bodies will add a humorous touch and they could decorate their finished article with glitter and sticky stars.

Papier-mâché animals

Mix some water and paper, with glue for extra gloop, and create little animal sculptures, towers or miniature cars. Once dried your child can put it on their shelf or make something special for a friend or family member.

Make butterflies/hanging mobiles

Set card, tissue paper, glitter and stickers out on a table and help your child create their own butterfly, bird or animal. You can use strong card or wire for the frame and hang it in their room once it’s finished.


Ask each of your children to make a footprint for each month of the year (or more) to record the growth of their feet. You could put it in their own scrapbooks with hand prints, photographs and lots of other lovely childhood memorabilia – a perfect keepsake for when they are older.

Make a mural

Spread some lining paper out and invite your kids and their friends to create drawings, patterns and shapes with as many colours and art materials as they can find. The result could be put on the wall for all to admire.

Make vases

Create vases with recycled bottles and papier-mâché, and pick some evergreens, twigs and flowers to put in them. These make great treats for mums and grans, and are a lovely way for children to be creative.


Make rubbings from garden objects and create an art gallery in the hallway for friends and family to see.

Pressing Flowers

Pick a selection of leaves or flowers from your garden and let them dry out for a while. Put them between sheets of newspaper and press them by laying heavy books on top of a flat surface. When they are set in place, your child can use them to create cards or arty collages to hang on the wall.

Making Stick names

Collect little sticks in the park and help your child make the letters of their name. You could mount them onto card and use them as a door sign for their bedrooms or attach them to string and hang them in their room.

Fashion designers

Girls love pretending to be fashion designers. Get out lots of paper, scissors, scraps of wool ribbon, material and tissue paper, and a couple of dolls or Barbies, and let them spend the afternoon designing clothes on the paper. Once they’re happy with their sketches they can use the materials to make them into outfits for their dolls. A great way to add drama and excitement is by displaying their creations in a fashion show with music and a catwalk (i.e. the kitchen table!).

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