Every year provides different challenges for a person who is looking to find a new job. GetMore has a look at the top five recruitment trends for the new year.


The biggest priority for an employer is hiring a candidate who is highly skilled. Additionally, top applicants will have other job offers, meaning a company will have to act quickly to secure them.


It costs less in time and money to retain staff, than it does to hire new employees. Companies that have worked hard to find the right candidates will do what they can to retain this talent. Hiring someone internally is a good way of keeping staff in a company, as it signals that there is room to grow and develop.


The most popular platform where jobs are found is on a company’s website. This is followed closely by internal hires, while social professional networks – such as LinkedIn – are another hugely popular option for finding and hiring the right person. Many job searchers are using their cellphones to access the internet and look for employment, which is why it’s essential for companies to have a cellphone-friendly website and preferably a mobile job app.


When a candidate has a referral from a current employee, it can speed up the hiring process significantly. It is also a way to hire top quality talent as your employee will know the candidate’s skill, work ethic, and whether they will fit into the company culture.


Companies are increasingly recognising that their brand is important and so they’re investing in it to make sure it reflects a certain image to prospective employees. It’s not simply about having an impressive website, candidates want to see a bit of the company’s personality. People want to work at an interesting company, so by having the right brand it will help that company to attract the right kind of person to their business.

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