Whether you’ve been dating for years or it’s a new romance – keep things fun and exciting by spicing up your next date. Here are a few creative and novel ideas for you to try.

DANCING: Even if you’re convinced that you have two left feet, it’s a fun way to spend an evening. Go for private lessons if you want to be the most impressive couple on the dance floor at the next wedding or simply join a class or two and learn a few funky steps.

COOKING: Who says chocolate should only be used in desserts? Look for some deliciously decadent recipes, including starters and mains, that all feature chocolate and spend an evening cooking where you use chocolate in every course you make.

MARKET: Find a local farmer’s market that you can explore together. You get to spend a day outside in the sunshine, there’ll be a local band playing great music, you can taste homemade treats and buy fresh produce for your next home-cooked meal.

GET ACTIVE: Why not try something a little different (and old school!) like going roller skating, ice skating or go-karting? You can also have a friendly competition or place a little wager on winning a game of darts, snooker, minigolf or tenpin bowling.

GAMES NIGHT: Grab some tasty snacks and drinks and haul out your dusty box of Monopoly, Cluedo, Scrabble or Connect 4 for a fun night in. There are also countless card games you can play, or you can make it a competitive video game night.

MOVIES AND SERIES: Turn your lounge into a comfy cinema, make some fresh popcorn and settle in for a viewing marathon. Pick an old series like Friends and watch from episode one, or choose a selection of movies based on your favourite genre or actor.

PLAYLISTS: Remember those old mixed tapes filled with cheesy love songs from your first boyfriend or girlfriend? Well, now you can create a modern version on your iPod. Spend the night listening to music and creating a range of playlists for any occasion.

ROAD TRIP: Go on a mini road trip that’s within an hour of where you live. Whether you’re looking for a new restaurant, going sightseeing or want to take interesting photos, find somewhere neither of you have been to before and then set off – with your new playlist!

DIY: If you’re a serial pinner on Pinterest, but you’ve never actually made anything – now’s the perfect opportunity. Find something you both want to try, that’s creative and fun (although not ridiculously complicated) and attempt to make it together.

Date nights should be fun not predictable and boring, so get out of your routine and try something a little different with that special person in your life. If none of these tickle your fancy and you’re stuck for clever ideas, simply chat to us online, call 084 11 438 48 or visit our online store.

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