We don’t know about you but we already feel as if the December break was 12 months ago. And when things are this hectic, it’s easy to lose your focus and motivation. But, this is our year to be better; 2018 is our year to succeed. Hence, it’s so important to stay motivated.

So, when you’re in need of a pick-me-up, when it feels as if you have no energy at all, watch one of these inspirational (and short) videos. We promise you’ll feel ready to take on the day again.

We must warn you that some of these videos, although incredibly moving, do use strong language.

Ending laziness

Beating fear

If you feel like giving up

How to achieve your goals

When you feel like breaking

When you fail

When you feel weak

When you have time – inspiring speeches from inspiring people

A last thought

Call 084 11 438 48, visit us online or use our GetMore Plus app to speak to us about helping you stay motivated. We can source motivational advice, locate a life coach or just book a spa day. (P.S. You can save up to R400 if you book your spa day through us.) Anything you need to be better this year, we’re here to assist.

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