When you feel like your life is a mess and you need to take control of it – here are seven steps to help you get more organised – so you can stress less.


We know you’ve heard it before, but that’s because it really works. What causes you stress is when you have your to-do list floating around in your head, and simply writing your tasks down makes you feel more in control. Whether you use a pen and paper, or your smart phone, it’s important to write things down in the same place, otherwise you end up with several lists – and that’s a recipe for confusion.


Now that you have your list of tasks, it’s time to organise them in importance, either by highlighting or numbering them. You need to focus on the big things, or the ones that will take you the longest to do, and do them first. This way you’ll feel a huge sense of relief and the other tasks will be easier to complete.


When you’re organised, you’re productive. So, set goals and schedules for the day, week or month, and the make sure you stick to them. By having a clear focus you won’t waste time, and you’ll end up being more efficient.


We know that some jobs are huge and feel overwhelming – which is why you put them off for later. Rather than avoiding these, break them up into manageable pieces. Do small parts every day and pretty soon your big job will be done.


Everyone procrastinates at some point, but the longer you take to do something, the harder it becomes to actually do it. When you do something as soon as you can, instead of putting it off, you’ll find that your life becomes less stressful and less demanding. Just do it now!


To help you stay organised, give everything a proper place. Things that are important and that you use every day should be kept in a logical and easy-to-reach spot. This applies to things like car keys, so that instead of searching for them every morning before work, you know they’re hanging up on the key rack.


Now that everything has a home – put things away after you’ve used them! If you just spend a few moments doing that it saves you from having to do it later, with the bonus that you’ll know exactly where things are when you need to use. It also keeps your home or office tidy and organised.

Just remember that not everyone is the same, so a tactic that works for one person may not work for you. Try it out and if it works – great – if not then use a different approach. What is important is that you cultivate habits that will help you get, and stay, organised.

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