You’ve packed, you’ve travelled, you’ve reached your destination and you’ve forgotten something important. Don’t let this be you! We’ve put together a list of essentials whether you’re going on holiday to the beach, bush or berg.



Baby powder helps you get beach sand off your skin.

Use baby powder to get rid of beach sand

Image source: Honolulu Family


A reusable water bottle because it gets hot out there and you need to stay hydrated.

Pack a reusable water bottle

Image source: Life Unexpected


Even if you’re careful about applying sunblock, pack an after-sun product, just in case.

Bring after sun lotion

Image source: Newsnish


Emergency snacks because you know you’ll get hungry some time.

Pack snacks for your trip

Image source: She Knows



Remember the binoculars, you don’t want to miss that incredible lion sighting.

Source image: Atta


Memories last longer when you catch them on your camera, so pack extra memory cards.

Source image: tbex


When it’s dark you’ll need a torch or better yet, a head torch, so you can still use your hands.

Bring a torch for your holiday!

Image source: The Norwegian Trekking Association


Dust gets everywhere, even up your nose. Pack tissues to give you some relief.

Tissues are important for your holiday trip

Image source: Community Med



Having dry cracked lips is one way to ruin a perfectly good holiday in the mountains.

Pack lip balm for your holiday

Image source: She Knows


Of course we need more rain throughout the country but don’t let it ruin your holiday: pack a rain jacket.

Bring a waterproof jacket

Image source: Wise Geek


You may not be close to a tap and soap, but you can still clean your hands using hand sanitiser.

Pack hand sanitiser

Image source: NPR


Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. Be prepared and pack a basic first-aid kit.

First aid is crucial to pack

Image source: Eureka


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