Do you have a bunch of stuff you’re looking to donate?

One of the top spring-cleaning tips people give is getting rid of the stuff you no longer use or want. It’s great advice; you do a “home-cleanse”, create more space and get rid of all those dust-gatherers. It can be clothes, appliances, furniture or even magazines. The only problem with this brilliant advice is where to donate the stuff you’ve gathered?

Luckily for you, we’ve found a few places you can donate your stuff, and give all your unwanted goods a chance at finding a second home.


OntheMove Laundry

Schedule a meeting, and they’ll come and pick up your clothes from where you are. They accept clothing for every shape and every age, and deliver it where it’s needed most.

Website: OntheMove Laundry
Address: North Riding
Phone: 065 104 9429 (WhatsApp) or 010 005 5490
What: Clothing

HAS Foundation

HAS stands for Help-A-Stranger, and the HAS Foundation does just that. They are fighting poverty through education, skills development and community outreach programmes.

Website: HAS Foundation
Address: Johannesburg
Phone: 060 683 2646 (Tebogo Kgethe – Founder)
What: Stationery, exercise books, reading books, etc.

Action for Blind and Disabled Children

This NGO, sponsored by the community, is dedicated to training blind and disabled youths in how to use computers and software.

Website: Action for Blind and Disabled Children
Address: Roodepoort
Phone: 011 760 4300
What: Electronica


FAMSA Pretoria

They offer support services to families to help them strengthen relationships and communities. These services include counselling, skills development, parental and marriage preparation, etc.

Website: FAMSA Pretoria
Address: Brooklyn, Mamelodi and Soshanguve
Phone: 012 460 0733/8
What: Old magazines, educational material, toys and clothing.

The Storehouse

The Storehouse sort through all the donations they receive, put together parcels based on size, gender and season. NPOs, PBOs or ministries collect the parcels and distributes them where needed.

Website: The Storehouse
Address: Waterkloof Glen
Phone: 012 644 0111
What: Clothing, blankets, furniture, appliances and household goods

Bethany Pregnancy Crisis Care Centre

The centre assists women of all ages and social backgrounds who are facing an unplanned pregnancy. They provide counselling for women dealing with issues such as rape, abuse, abortion, miscarriage, etc.

Website: Bethany Pregnancy Crisis Care Centre
Address: Lyttleton
Phone: 083 728 9591
What: Baby products and goods, blankets, toys, clothing, household goods, etc.

Cape Town

Kidz Adventure Camp

Kidz Adventure Camp host holiday camps for children in need (orphan children, sick or disabled children, or abused children) where they can explore their talents and enjoy educational and skills development support in a fun and safe environment.

Website: Kidz Adventure Camp
Address: Panorama
Phone: 076 323 5057
What: Electronica, food, clothing for children and babies, and catering and kitchen equipment.


NICRO helps juvenile offenders to reintegrate into their community and work with individuals, families and communities to prevent social crime.

Website: NICRO 
Address: Cape Town CBD
Phone: 021 462 0017
What: Electronica, stationery, office supplies, blinds, garden tools and furniture, towels and more.

Nazareth House

These sisters care for the poor, the sick, the elderly, the destitute, the lost and those with disabilities.

Website: Nazareth House 
Address: Vredehoek
Phone: 084 703 0093
What: Stationery, clothing, art supplies, cradles, beds and bedding, linen and household goods.


Saint Giles

This NGO specialises in the care and support for people with disabilities as well as offering remedial gym facilities.

Website: Saint Giles 
Address: Durban CBD
Phone: 031 337 4404
What: Office chairs and all household goods they can sell.

Feed the Babies Fund

They help pre-school children by training caregivers, sending supplies and food and keeping their structures maintained.

Website: Feed the Babies Fund
Address: Glenwood
Phone: 031 201 4685
What: Educational material, blankets, mattresses, furniture, toys and building supplies.

Umgeni Community Empowerment Centre

They started as a soup kitchen in 2003, and today they help underprivileged people, abuse victims, sex workers, orphan children and homeless people by providing counselling, temporary relief shelters and skills development.

Website: Umgeni Community Empowerment Centre
Address: Roodepoort, Johannesburg
Phone: 011 760 4300
What: Electronica, blankets, clothing, stationery, toys, books and games.


Childline South Africa

They assist children who’s been abused, abandoned or neglected by offering counselling, safe houses and more.

Website: Childline South Africa
Address: They have offices/centres across South Africa
Phone: 08000 55 555
What: They need anything from canned food and batteries to toys and bookshelves.

Hospice Care and Support

The Hospice centres are dedicated to promote quality of life and dignity in death. They support all those bereaved with a life-threatening illness.

Website: Hospice Care and Support
Address: They have offices/centres across South Africa
Phone: 021 531 0277
What: They accept anything they can sell again – TVs, baking tins, furniture, books, etc.


The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals are teams of government agents across South Africa that step in when animals are in danger and being abused.

Website: NSPCA
Address: They have offices/centres/shelters across South Africa
Phone: 011 907 3590
What: Many of these centres have charity shops as well, just contact your nearest shelter for information on what you can donate.


The Childhood Cancer Foundation of South Africa provides children with cancer and blood disorders with holistic support.

Website: CHOC
Address: They have offices/centres across South Africa
Phone: 011 326 4998
What: They need anything from Wendy Houses through to clothes.

For alternative places to donate you can visit CharitySA, GreaterGoodSA or ForGood.

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Image source: The Blue Diamond Gallery

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