The cold and flu season is nearly here, and if you want to avoid being sick or bedridden, follow these handy, healthy hints.


One of your best defences against flu is to regularly wash your hands. We spread germs through our hands, so keep them away from your nose and mouth. Wash them properly with soap and warm water – or an alcohol-based hand rub – to reduce the risk of falling ill or passing on any infection to another person.


Your immune system weakens when you’re tired and rundown, and this makes it easier to catch a cold. Get into a regular sleep routine and ensure you get enough hours of sleep every night, so you can recharge your batteries and feel rested.


It’s tempting to eat comfort food in the colder weather, but you need to ensure that you’re still eating enough fresh fruit and vegetables. These support your immune system and help protect you from illness. Consider taking a vitamin supplement if you aren’t getting enough nutrients from your diet.


It’s vital that you still drink water in winter, to stay hydrated. If you are struggling to drink plain water, get your recommended daily dose by drinking herbal teas, which have antioxidant benefits.
We know that it’s hard to be motivated when it’s cold and dark outside, but it’s essential that you keep exercising in the winter months. Just 30 minutes a day will make you feel energetic, positive and of course healthier.


Protect yourself and your family against influenza by getting your annual flu shot. It’s particularly important for the elderly, children and pregnant women to get a flu vaccine, to help guard against flu strains.


Flu is contagious, so keep your distance from a person who is showing obvious symptoms of flu, such as coughing and sneezing. If you are sick, stay home and rest to prevent passing your flu on to others.

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