Fashion changes every season, and as the days get warmer – and summer is definitely here – it’s time to look at the hottest trends and see how you can include them in your wardrobe.

Trend 1: Crop Tops

You’ve seen them in fashion magazines, now crop tops are making their way into the style of ordinary women. And it’s not just a trend for skinny models – women of all sizes can wear crop tops because it’s about body confidence – not body size! Of course flashing your belly is good motivation to exercise and get into shape, but if you want a more conservative style, wear a loose-fitting crop top with a high-waisted skirt that just shows a hint of skin.

Trend 2: The Romper

The romper is the perfect summer outfit – it’s fun, easy to wear and it keeps you cool. Because it’s all in one piece, you don’t have to worry about matching your top to your bottom, and even though it has built in shorts, it still looks like a summer dress. You can wear a romper during the day, or you can glam it up for the evening by wearing it with heels, a jacket and accessories. Make sure you try on different romper styles and find the one that flatters your shape.

Trend 3: Daytime Glamour

Metallic is one of the hottest trends of 2014, but up until now it’s only been worn during the night. Step out during the day and make a statement in a bold, head-to-toe sparkly dress, or just add a touch of glitz with silver shoes, a gold belt or statement jewellery. With this metallic trend you can turn an ordinary outfit into a glamorous one.

Trend 4: The Skinny Strap

When you think of summer, you think of summer dresses, and one of the season’s top trends is shoestring or spaghetti straps. These straps are very thin and delicate, and they’re found on smart and casual dresses. It’s not an easy style to wear, if you have a large chest, because the narrow straps don’t give you much support.

Trend 5: Get Graphic

Fashion often takes inspiration from art, and now you can show off your individual style with bright and bold graphic prints. Designers are creating abstract patterns by using anything from photographs to graffiti, and applying them to skirts, dresses, pants, leggings and even shoes. It’s a fresh, modern style that lets you reveal your trendy side.

Trend 6: Sports Luxe

You normally wear a tracksuit when you’re relaxing at home, but now these slouchy pants are making their way into everyday fashion. Gym wear – like tracksuits, vests and tekkies – aren’t just for the gym anymore, these comfortable clothes have become the latest must-have fashion item. To revolutionise your sportswear you need to smarten it up, and this means wearing heels with your tracksuit pants. This top fashion style is about being comfortable and glamorous.

When it comes to fashion trends, not all styles are going to flatter all women, it’s more important to pick and wear a trend that suits your personality and your shape. When you’re comfortable in your clothes you look good, feel great and walk with confidence.

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