It’s a lot of fun knowing things and getting good grades, but the actual act of sitting down to study is horrible. Because GetMore is your trusted partner in life, we sat down with our qualified teachers for tips on how to make studying easier – not only for your kids but all stages of life.

Here’s the just of what you need to become a study pro.

Be prepared

Make sure you have everything you need. For schools, you’ll usually get a list (just send it to GetMore, and we’ll find everything you need at the best possible prices). Remember to label your kid’s belongings – things go missing!

Support teams

Be there for your kids. They might not always open up to you, but they should know you are there to support them. Also, and this is important for everyone, if they studied hard for a test and didn’t pass or got a bad grade, don’t be too disappointed and harsh.

If you’re in need of a little extra assistance, our qualified teachers are ready to assist will all major Grade 1 to 12 subjects in all major South African languages.

Start early

Calling all procrastinators! Stop leaving everything to the last minute. If you start early and do a small bit every day, you’ll get through everything easier, and you’ll remember the work better.

Create a plan

Break down the work into smaller bits and create a study plan. The second step is to stick to this plan! Calendars are great for this – having a visual presentation of when what should get done helps create and stick to plans.

Resources and references

Use what is available to you and your kids – the local library, teachers and lecturers, online journals, etc. Teachers and lecturers are always more willing to assist when they see their students trying; so as important as it is to have fun, make sure that effort is put into studying. It’s also vital to reference, and reference correctly, especially for tertiary education, if a student is caught plagiarising, not only might they fail the assignment, but they might even get expelled.

Stay health

Be realistic about what you attempt – biting off too much will only lead to unneeded stress and anxiety. Sleep. It doesn’t matter if it’s your kid (who’s still developing) or you, getting enough sleep is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As much as you’d like to, don’t fall into a bad eating habit.

GetMore is here for whatever you need! It doesn’t matter if you want a caffeine fix or assistance with your kids’ homework, just visit or call 084 11 438 48.

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