Archery, billiards, chess and darts are all types of sport but they’re not very active. If you want to really get the adrenaline going, you’re probably more interested in extreme sports.


In 2012 Austrian Felix Baumgartner took skydiving to another level by jumping out of a capsule on the edge of space. He is the first human to break the speed of sound, without any form of engine power, reaching 1 357 km/h. He also broke the record for highest free fall (from a distance of 38 969m) and highest manned balloon flight (37 640m).


You may not think of cycling as an extreme sport but it is when it’s underwater. An Italian man by the name of Vittorio Innocente successfully set the record for the deepest underwater cycle at 66.5m. He achieved this in Italy in 2008. He also holds the record for furthest distance cycled underwater which is 110m.


Climbing a mountain can be a huge challenge, especially when you’re on stilts. Ashrita Furman, from America, put on steel peg stilts that were 104cm high and then climbed Mount Baden-Powell in 2011. He climbed 2 864m in 1 hour and 52 minutes. He also holds the record for running 8km on stilts in 39 minutes and 56 seconds.


Kenichi Ito, a Japanese sprinter, may not be able to compete against Usain Bolt over the 100m, because he doesn’t just use his legs – he also uses his hands. Ito is the fastest man on all four limbs, beating his own record in 2015, setting a time of 15.71 seconds. He spent nine years studying animal behaviour to perfect his “running” style.


The hula hoop probably takes you back to your childhood, but for 4 183 people, it took them into the record books. In 2013, this group of people got together in Bangkok in a university stadium to set the record for the most number of people hula hooping at the same time. It lasted for 2 minutes and there were 397 disqualifications for not following the guidelines.

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