Can your kids spot broccoli from a mile away, no matter how you try to hide it? These creative parents are using a few easy tactics to get their children to eat more vegetables and fruit.


Cut the vegetables into shapes and make them look like little characters or animals. You certainly don’t have to be an artist – just have some fun! Your kids are far more likely to eat broccoli in the shape of a poodle or cauliflower that looks like a sheep.

Image source: WebMD

Make vegetables look like a cute snail

Image source: Craft Hubs

Make vegetables look like a giraffe

Image source: HG TV

Cucumber can be a cool snake

Image source: HG TV



Let that creative genius come out! Use the vegetable or fruit you want your child to eat, and make fun pictures on their plate. It gets your child excited about food and more likely to eat something when it’s cleverly disguised as something else.

Turn fruit into palm trees!

Image source: Posh Tiger

veggies can be turned into a caterpillar

Image source: Like Mother, Like Daughter

An owl can be made from an apple

Image source: DIY & Crafts

vegetables can be a fun scene with a car and trees

Image source: Like Mother, Like Daughter



It’s fairly unlikely that your child will enjoy eating spinach on its own, but when it’s blended into a smoothie, they won’t even know it or taste it. A smoothie is a quick and easy way to pack in a lot of nutrition and goodness.

Turn fruit and veggies into smoothies

Image source: Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons

a colorful, multi layer smoothie of all your fruits and vegetables

Image source: Cromly

fun smoothie characters can be made from fruit and vegetables

Image source: Super Healthy Kids

make scary smoothie monsters with fruits!

Image source: Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons


Kids love ice lollies in the hot summer months and if you make them at home, you can sneak in a few veggies and fruit. It’s quick and easy and the kids will love it.

Cool down in summer with these frozen vegetable lollies

Image source: Life as Mama

fun frozen lollies made from fruits

Image source: Posh Tiger

Frozen star lollies made from berries and other fruit

Image source: My Kid Craft

Image source: The 36th Avenue

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