Table Mountain, The Kruger National Park and Robben Island are all iconic attractions in South Africa, but what if you’re keen to head off the beaten track? Here are five weird and wonderful local travel destinations.



The small town of Bathurst in the Eastern Cape is home to the biggest artificial pineapple in the world. It stands 16.7m high, beating Australia’s big pineapple by 70cms. You can go inside the pineapple, where there’s a 60-seater auditorium and on the third floor is an observation deck which gives you a great view of the surrounding area.



The village of Nieu Bathesda is famous because of the work of Helen Martins. She was a hugely talented but reclusive artist who dedicated her life to creating concrete, wire and glass sculptures at her home. Her favourite subjects to recreate were camels and owls, but her garden is also filled with mermaids and pilgrims who are all making a journey to the East.



It might look like it’s straight from a nursery rhyme, but this shoe is a real thing. It’s located on the Panorama Route on the border of Mpumalanga and Limpopo. Inside is a museum that highlights the history of the area and there’s an art gallery filled with wood carvings. The shoe was built in 1990 and has become a popular landmark and tourist attraction.



Found on Route 62, this small pub has nothing to do with sex but everything to do with a practical joke. The owner, Ronnie, bought a small farm stall but when it wasn’t as successful as he had hoped, his friends added the word “sex” to the shop’s name – making it an irresistible stop for people travelling on that route. And the rest is history…


Orlando Towers

The towers were originally part of the old Orlando Power Station in Soweto but they have been rejuvenated and are now a major tourist attraction in the country’s largest and most famous township. The towers have been covered in brightly coloured murals and not only do you get a great view from the top, but you can also bungee jump, pendulum swing, base jump or abseil down the towers.

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