Children today love grabbing their parents’ cellphones or tablets to play games, and while it keeps them occupied, you’d rather they learn while they play. Here is a selection of fun and educational games to entertain your kids during the holidays.

Wubbzy’s The Night Before Christmas (Ages 5 and under)

This cute story book has fun, silly rhymes that give the classic Christmas story a twist. It’s easy to use and there are plenty of activities to keep your child busy. They can either read or listen to the story, build puzzles, colour in pages or solve logic problems. There’s also a Grown Up’s Corner where parents get suggestions of questions to ask their child, to stimulate conversation. Wubbzy’s The Night Before Christmas will help improve your child’s reading and problem-solving skills.


Little Big Foot (Ages 5 and under)

Make story time more interactive and fun with Little Big Foot. Kids can read or watch the story of Big Foot as he leaves home, and sets out on an adventure to the city. It’s here where he becomes a star but then begins to realise it’s not what he was looking for. It’s a sweet story about families and home, and it’s beautifully illustrated. Little Big Foot is a great way for parents and their children to share story time.


Dinosaur Mix (Ages 5 and under)

Let your children have fun creating their own dinosaur, by mixing and matching different dinosaur parts. When all the parts are added, it comes to life. Feed the dinosaur, watch it stomp around the forest and when you tap on the eggs, you unlock new body parts. The app is full of interactive scenery, colourful graphics and great sound effects. Dinosaur Mix is a slow-paced game that lets your kids explore and have fun while building their own unique creatures.


Squiggle Fish (Ages 3-7)

In this app, old meets new! Give your child a sheet of white paper and a thick black pen, and let them draw a fish. They can use different materials, and colour in the fish however they want. Then take your tablet, hold it over the drawing and take a photo. The fish comes alive on the screen and the more fish you draw, the more it fills up the tank. Squiggle Fish encourages your child to be more creative and imaginative.


Monster Math (Ages 7-10)

Maxx is a monster who travels to new worlds, uses his superpowers to fight enemies and makes friends with some unusual creatures. Your kids want to follow the storyline and to do this they have to use maths to help Maxx on his adventures. Games are adaptive, based on the age and skill level of your child, so one game can be played by multiple children. Parents also get simple reports that give them a quick view of how their child is doing. On average, kids get close to 50% faster after playing Monster Math for one week.


Toca Lab (Ages 7 and up)

Learn about science in a fun way, through this virtual chemistry lab. Kids are introduced to the periodic table, where each element is a blob with a different personality and facial expression. Pick an element, conduct your experiment and see what funny result you get. Toca Lab is an engaging science app with great graphics and animation, and it teaches your kids through creative free-play.


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