The holidays are nearly here – have a happy time with these smartphone apps
Top 10 phone apps for travellers

Social holiday marketplace website Friends of Friends Travel has compiled its top 10 free iPhone and Android smartphone apps for your summer break. Some of them, apart from being useful, can help save you a few Rands too.

1. XE Currency:

Neat and easy to use for live currency rates. It stores the last updated rate so you can convert prices offline.

2. Onavo:

Ingenious app that greatly reduces the data it takes to do everyday tasks, such as make a Facebook post or check your email.


A directory of more than 27 000 listings with 3.5 million user reviews plus photos, availability and pricing. If you’re in need of a budget-friendly bed for the night, it will direct you to the nearest one.

4. Uber:

Get a taxi, private car or rideshare in cities around South Africa and the world. Uber can connect you with a personal driver in minutes.

5. HopStop:

Public transport information, including routes, maps, schedules, estimated travel time and costs, in more than 300 cities.

6. Foodspotting:

A rating app for dishes, not restaurants as a whole. Indispensable when you’re craving something in particular and want to know who cooks it best and where.

8. Wi-Fi Finder:

If you regularly need to find a decent Wi-Fi hotspot this is the app for you. It can identify 550 000 free and paid-for locations in 144 countries – also available for Android.

9. Touchnote:

Fuss-free traditional postcards. Choose a photo from your phone and Touchnote will print it and post it anywhere in the world for you.

10. Skyscanner:

Compares millions of flights from more than 1 000 airlines. This tidy app is all that you need to find the cheapest flight to your destination.

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Article courtesy The Mirror

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