When you feel that red roses, boxes of chocolates and oversized teddy bears are too clichéd for you, here are 6 unconventional ways to celebrate during the Month of Love.

Breathe in some fresh air, see a beautiful place and get the blood flowing by going hiking. Whether it’s a gentle stroll through the forest, or a tough climb in the mountains, spend a few hours with your partner, enjoying Mother Nature.

From dance lessons to rock climbing, there are classes for most activities today, so find something new and fun that you can both try. It can be adventurous, creative, sexy or fun, and it gives you a chance to learn something new about your partner.

Contact your friends that are the most entertaining and go out on a double date. If you’re on a budget you can share dinner duties at you house, or you can do something fun and unusual like going to the ice rink, tenpin bowling or even paintballing.

Buy some canvases, paints and brushes and then channel your inner artist. This is time for you and your partner to get creative and paint pictures for each other. Have fun, go wild and for once don’t worry about making a mess.

Pack some coffee and a blanket, and find a good spot to watch the sun come up. It’s a great way to start your day, but if you’re not really a morning person, then you can sneak back into bed and treat yourself to a few extra hours of sleep.

Unless you’re exceptionally adventurous, there are probably some places in your city that you haven’t seen before. Whether it’s a dose of culture – like seeing a museum or art gallery – or finding a quirky new place to eat, spend the day exploring with your partner.

Phone GetMore and a friendly consultant can plan your tourist itinerary, give you a selection of fun classes to try and supply you with a list of parks, forests and nature reserves close to you. If you’re going the conventional route of movies or dinner, call GetMore to save up to R100 on your restaurant bill and get 60% off the price of 2 or 4 movie tickets. Spread the love in the Month of Love with GetMore.

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