It’s exciting to visit a new city, to experience different food for the first time and to see the sun set in a foreign land, but while vacations are fun, a growing trend is the stay-at-home-vacation or the staycation.

There are many perks to a staycation over a vacation, including:
– No expensive airline tickets
– No large fuel fees
– No costly hotel payments
– No pricey restaurant bills

Here are some great ways that you can save money and still have fun on your staycation.


There are museums and art galleries in every city, so be a tourist for the day and explore your own backyard. Research when museums have free admission days, and you can sightsee without paying a cent.


Enjoy the autumn sunshine and have a picnic in your local park, or get some exercise by hiking in a national park. Even if the weather is slightly chilly, wrap up and get some fresh air by exploring your city’s open spaces.


There are loads of fun things to do with your family or friends, such as: ice skating, tenpin bowling, paintball, bike riding or miniature golf. You can also get in touch with nature by visiting an aquarium or zoo, and go for a wild ride at an amusement park.


Now is the perfect opportunity to try that new restaurant that you’ve been eyeing out for months. Treat your kids or your partner to a special meal, or explore an eatery in a different neighbourhood. Find a restaurant with a food special and you can eat out on a budget.


Remember that you’re still on holiday, so factor in some time to relax. Whether it’s reading a book, going to the movies, watching a comedy show, have a spa treatment, doing a craft project, playing music or even having a snooze – use your break to rest and recoup.

It’s important that you treat your staycation like a vacation, and that means not reading your work emails, or thinking about any deadlines.

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