Most people love watching movies, especially in a cinema. The chairs are comfortable, the popcorn is tasty, your favourite fizzy drink is cold, the sound is surround and the screen is massive. Watching a movie is the perfect way to relax but it also benefits your mind and your body.


A good movie outing, whether it’s with your mates or a partner, is a great way to relieve tension. Because you don’t go to the cinema every night, it feels like a special occasion and you look forward to your evening even more. No matter what genre you enjoy – comedy, thriller, fantasy, action – watching a movie forces you to relax, which makes you feel refreshed.


When you watch a comedy and you really laugh from your belly, you lower your blood pressure, just like you do when you exercise. Laughter is good for you and it helps you to forget about your problems for a few hours. Even watching a romantic movie will enhance your feeling of wellbeing and it helps you to get in touch with your feelings.


You may love the movie or hate it, but its guaranteed that you’ll talk about it.  Whether it’s the acting (good or bad!) or the story line or the cinematography – after your movie has ended you’ll most certainly be discussing it. You’ve shared an experience with your movie partner and this gives you something to bond over.


Many movies contain a whole lot of information that teaches you about the world. Documentaries and historical films are interesting and popular to watch and they inform you about people and events that took place in the past. Other movies can show you beautiful parts of the world, and you see different cultures and how other people live. Movies give you a different perspective and can influence the way you think and feel.

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