Children can be a real joy – they are funny, entertaining and can say the strangest (and surprisingly wise) things. You just can’t help but love them. That is until you go to a restaurant… then your precious little angels can turn into something out of this world.

As a GetMore client, you can rest assured that we will find exactly what you need – whether you’re looking for a kid-friendly restaurant or tips on how to dine out with children, we’re here for you.

So, here is a survival guide on how to dine out with young children.

Pack your bags

Take a bag with you filled quiet toys (leave the drum set at home), colouring books, a blanket or anything that will keep your kids busy and entertained. You can also bring snacks, in case the food takes long or treats if you need to bribe them.

Give them a bite

Before you go out, give them something to eat. Kids can be finicky eaters, so if they’re not hungry and frustrated, you might get through dinner without them throwing a tantrum when you try to make them eat.

Try the early bird specials

Don’t go during peak periods. If the restaurant is not too busy, your food will arrive faster, you’ll get more attention from the waiting staff, and best of all, there will be fewer people around to annoy.

Waiters are friends

Be as friendly as possible with the waiting staff. If they see you struggling and the restaurant is not busy, they might lend a hand to help entertain your kids. Remember to tip. Tip very well; especially, if your little angel knocks over a milkshake or throws a bowl of spaghetti on the floor.

Seating arrangements

Not all restaurants have baby chairs available, so if your little ones are too little for a chair, bring a stroller or a booster seat along.

Create something special

Allow your kids to have something special that they’re not allowed to have at home. For instance, if you’ve already given them something to eat, order a dessert for them while you eat. Make sure they understand it’s a special occasion.

Looking for a kid-friendly restaurant or one to test your new survival guide at? Simply call us on 084 11 438 48 or visit us online and we’ll find a perfect restaurant for you (and even throw in a R120 discount on your second main meal).

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Image Source: Black Girls Guide To Weight Loss

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