Meditation, dating, exercise, hairstyles, time tracking, shopping, sport, colouring in, playing, reading, cooking – if you can think of something, there’ll probably be an app for it. But, just like with everything in life, not all apps are created equally. Thus, as GetMore is your trusted assistant, we’ve compiled a list of the top apps around that can simplify your life.

In no particular order, here follows our list of favourite apps.


Drive around at ease. Waze relies on crowdsourcing information to locate roadblocks, traffic jams, accidents, etc. You also have a route option to find the fastest, shortest or toll-free roads. Best of all, it looks at all available routes (even dirt roads).

GetMore Plus

Request bookings, ask advice, make holiday reservations, call (and pay for) an Uber, have a pizza delivered in the Ukraine, shop specials, book a sleep specialist – anything you can do as a GetMore Plus member, you can do through the app. It’s secure, offers geolocation, open 24/7, and it’s backed by real agents.

aCar (Pro version R65)

Stay on top of your car – keep track of how much you fill up, when your next service or oil change is due. You can load multiple cars on the app and get stats and predictions on their performance. Also, the app keeps track of your trips, making it easier should you need to claim anything back.

Zombie, Run!

Need motivation to run? Look no further. The app will “motivate” you, by sending you on a mission to save civilians from zombies, and gradually build you up. Even better, you set the distance and pace, and the playlist.


No time for a workout? All you need is seven minutes a day, a wall and a chair. This app is scientifically based, and has visual timers, spoken instructions and illustrated guidance to help you. It’ll also track your progress and set goals to keep you going.


Need help to clean your house? Book a cleaning service at your convenience any day of the week. These domestic workers are trustworthy, vetted and fully trained. You simply log in, choose what you’d like cleaned, pick a time and date, say if you need cleaning supplies and pay through the secure app when your house is sparkling.

GetMore Wheels

If you want to buy or sell a car quick, easy and without a fuss, this is the app for you. It’s open nationwide, it’s secure and you are able to set the price you want, instead of settling.


Cook gourmet meals every night. Yummly is a digital recipe book tailored to your tastes. Browse through loads of recipes, save them and share them with loved ones. Best of all, it’ll pull all the ingredients you need into a shopping list.


Keep track of all your money matters. This app, created by Old Mutual, will show you how much you spend and where, help you budget and help you invest your money. It’s secure, safe and easy to use.


This app turns your life and goals into a game! Simply load your to-do lists, habits and goals to start, as you tick things off your avatar will progress through the different levels and stages. You can even start battles with other players. Goodbye FarmVille; hello (insert name)Ville.

GetMore is here to assist with anything you need from sourcing products, reserving restaurant tables to even buying coffee; simply chat to us online or better yet, get access to more deals and benefits by upgrading to GetMore Plus.

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